Why Joy?


Always Getting Better

We believe that our scholars should always get the very best their teachers have to offer, and that it is our responsibility to constantly better ourselves for them. We invest in this belief by providing our teachers high quality professional development and coaching opportunities throughout the year.

Excellence is a Habit

Our scholars deserve to learn in a safe, consistent environment in which they always know what is expected. We expect the highest of our teachers and support them in planning, executing, and managing the Joy way - which means scholars are supported, pushed, and loved, and celebrated.

Equity and Access

Working at Joy means working with committed, like-minded individuals who are driven by the urgent mission. We know this work is hard, but we also know that it is important and necessary to providing our scholars the opportunities they deserve. Our staff strives to ensure we provide access to all scholars and families to high quality education, resources, and a voice.

All Hands

We know that the best way to improve and create excellence is to utilize the strengths and talents of the individuals who work for us. Teachers collaborate in grade-level and content teams, work closely with their instructional coaches, and join together to lead in committees and scholar activities. We value an open-door policy in which we share resources, observe one another, and share best practices in order to achieve as a collective.

Just as we push our scholars to enjoy the process of learning, we push the positive and celebrate the important work that we get to do. We share joy as a staff through announcements and celebrate one another during daily Morning Meetings. We share joy with our scholars and families by building excellent relationships and having fun each day in the classroom and during special events!

Choose Joy!