At JOY, we aim to provide experiences that bring our scholars together to celebrate their academic, social, and emotional growth as they discover their strengths and interests.

 Scholars celebrate JOY every day! A few of our special events include:

  • Community Time: Scholars shout out their teammates and celebrate the positive choices they've made throughout the week during Fun Fridays!
  • Spirit Week: Scholars show their JOY pride with creative, themed dressout days!
  • Elementary Movie Nights: Scholars earn a movie ticket with their high paychecks and enjoy a film on the big screen with pizza and snacks.
  • Middle School Social: Middle school scholars earn a ticket to the social where they can choose to dance, play games, and more!
  • Geek Week: Scholars show off their inner GEEK throughout this themed dressout week and Pi Day!
  • Block Parties: Scholars celebrate a paycheck well-earned by choosing from fun activities organized by teachers throughout the building.
  • Concerts and Art Showcase: Our talented singers and artists come together to shine at special events throughout year including Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Black History Month Celebration, Winter Concert, and the Spring Concert and Showcase.
  • Field Day: We fire up the fun, games, and competition each year with a field day. Scholars compete in teams, snack and dance, and try to dunk the principal!
  • School Assemblies: Our family comes together each month to celebrate hard work, growth, and outstanding schoalrs! We sometimes use this time for competitions, games, and more!


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