monday, may 20, 2019

  • Staff Outs: Anders Campbell, Chrissie Cavaliere

  • Late Arrival: Megan Beasley (8:00 am); Darius Long (8:30 am); Raymond Melvin (10:00 am); Abigail Hernandez (11:00 am); Oni Gaines (12:00 pm); Adrienne Quick-Wright (12:00 pm)

  • Early Leave: Lindsey Harrison (11:20 am); Amanda Bikowski (12:00 pm) PD; Christine Hall (12:00 pm) PD; Emily Michelman (3:30 pm)

tuesday, may 21, 2019

  • Staff Outs: Amanda Bikowski (PD), Anders Campbell, Chrissie Cavaliere, Christine Hall (PD)

  • Late Arrival: Jacob Martin (9:00 am); Olivia Cox (12:30 pm)

Wednesday, may 22, 2019

  • Staff Outs: Amanda Bikowski (PD), Chrissie Cavaliere, Christine Hall (PD)

  • Late Arrival: Megan Beasley (8:00 am); Katie Matrisciano (12:30 pm)

  • End-of-Year Trip: 1st Grade: Greensboro Science Center (Team1; Jessica Conn, Danielle Linville)

thursday, may 23, 2019

  • Staff Outs: Amanda Bikowski (PD), Christine Hall (PD), Katie Stockton (PD)

  • Late Arrival: Heather Kasdan (10:00 am)

friday, may 24, 2019

  • Staff Outs: Madison Brooks, Sarah Humphrey

  • Late Arrival: Megan Beasley (8:00 am)

  • Early Leave: Kathryn Berlin (1:45 pm); Adam Patrick (1:45 pm); Adrienne Quick-Wright (2:45 pm); Emily Michelman (3:15 pm)

  • Middle School EOG Pep Rally (9:10 am - 10:00 am)

  • Elementary School EOG Pep Rally (2:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

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Katelan Frye

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher / 7th Grade Team Leader

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 5.08.51 PM.png

My wife and I have had several conversations about our social studies instruction during middle school and high school. We were both underwhelmed. A series of coaches made it clear that social studies wasn’t a priority. Andrea, specifically, recalls spending each Monday in the fall watching game film from West Craven High School’s football game the previous weekend and spending each Friday discussing the game scheduled for that night. Our teachers cared about kids. They were passionate. They just weren’t always passionate about social studies.
Bela Kussin references Katelan’s passion in her assessment of her classroom: Katelyn is one of those rare people who is difficult to describe because she has so many exceptional qualities. She has a sharp intellect, integrity, passion, and she is collaborative, supportive, persistent, kind and empathetic, What is really incredible about Katelyn is that she brings all these traits to the table, whether she is tackling a lesson, problem solving with colleagues, developing plans for students, addressing concerns with parents or just being a friend. As we keep our focus on always being the best that we can be, there is no one better than Katelyn to have on the team.
We also know passion for content can sometimes be a difficult sell to 12 and 13-year olds. As Heather Kasdan shares, it’s Katelan’s constant positivty that brings kids into her orbit. I am drawn to Katelan’s positivity and initiative. She has never had a challenge that she couldn’t tackle. She is a great thought partner and I’ve enjoyed hearing her perspective on her content and how she develops lessons to be relevant to her students. She also makes really beautiful cookies!
As her 7th grade teammate the past two year, Mike Schollmeyer also appreciates Katelan’s ability to maintain the positivty when problem-solving for her classroom and the grade-level team: I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Katelan over the past two years. She has consistently been someone that I can lean on - maybe to vent, figure out a solution, or to find a way to laugh after a particularly challenging day. I also enjoy any time that I can spend a few minutes in her classroom. Her conversations are so engaging that I want to stay as long as possible. But seeing her settle in to her role as our team lead has been especially awesome. I’m grateful that our kids will look back fondly on their 7th grade year because Katelan factored their experience into everything that we did. 
Patrick Duffy, another 7th grade teammate, echoes Mike’s praises for Katelan. He sees her as reflective and positive, adding joy to this work for kids and colleagues. Katelan is the backbone of the seventh grade. Her organized and positive leadership make work not just manageable but enjoyable. Katelan brings real joy to teaching in a way that resonates with all kids. Her consistent high expectations and excitement for history makes social studies a class that students look forward to. Katelan is reflective in her work, always willing to make changes and adjustments to things that are not working. She really centers our team on making sure that students are not just surviving seventh grade but thriving. 
As her instructioal coach, Christine Hall has clear insight into the joy Katelan creates. As she articulates, that joy is not separate from instruction, but built into her instruction. Walk into Katelan Frye’s room and you can immediately tell that she knows and loves her content. Her internalization process is thorough and she takes care to think through the student experience, anticipating potential questions and misconceptions along the way. When we talk about building joy in the classroom, it is clear that the joy in Frye’s classroom is connected to the learning, not separate from it. This year, scholars dove into the complex, and often gruesome, realities of modern history, but instead of just building their knowledge bank, Frye pushed them towards 10 minute debates over questions like, “Were Americans justified in dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan?” I appreciate Frye for her intense focus on building out scholars’ critical thinking skills and her her constant self-check of, “Is this what’s best for students?” Our scholars are better, readers, thinkers, and historians because of her.
Katelan brings the passion of a coach on game day to her class every day. She details the atrocities of the Russian Revolution with the vigor of a coach in front of the team. She inspires kids to tap into their role in identifying inequity with the fervor of a team captain in front of a pep rally. I’m left with the feeling that if only my social studies teachers had brought that same passion to my classroom, I would not only have developed a love for history, but recognized my responsibility to change it.

James Mohr

4th Grade Teacher

When you begin your teaching career there are a number of daunting challenges facing you. As I reflect back to the start of my career in 2001, I remember the challenge of defining my voice/style and the importance of building trust/relationships with students. James’ learning curve in both these areas has been well ahead of schedule. For months, my style was a second-rate impression of other effective teachers I observed. Too often, I mininterpreted giving in to students as building relationships with them. James has sought out feedback and added tools to his teacher toolkit this year. But, he has always done this with a commitment to defining an authentic style and voice and building strong relationships.


Will Vaughan, James’ teammate and team leader, has witnessed this constant effort to improve. He has also oberved James’ constant commitment to building student relationships. James epitomizes the phrase "always getting better" in a lot of ways. Whenever he feels like he's become really strong at something, he's immediately asking for feedback on the next teacher move or skill. I remember earlier in the year, he mentioned wanting to get closer to his students. He got some coaching advice and literally the next day had organized groups of students staying to eat lunch in the classroom with him. That routine has continued the entire year. James is also one of the first 1st-year teachers I've ever seen like never miss. He's always there, always wanting to improve, always wanting to figure out solutions for his kids. 

James’ instructional coach, Caitlin Kearney, remembers back to our school’s first meeting with James. He literally choose Joy from Day 1. He made it clear his mission as not only to teach, but to teach here. James was eager to work at Maureen Joy and jump into the teaching profession from the start. From his TFA interview to unsolicited visits to the school, he made it clear that he wanted to choose Joy. James is open to feedback and hungry to be the best teacher that he can be. James has high standards for himself and his students and takes pride in being a dependable and measured presence in their lives. 

Katelan Frye has witnessed James’ evolution from afar and has sensed the impat on students. His enthusiasm for this work has an impact within and beyond his classroom. James epitomizes what I think every school wants from a brand new teacher. He shows up with a smile, asks great questions, is always willing to help out, and clearly just enjoys being around our school and our kids. His commitment to learning the craft of teaching within the context of our specific and special place and time is awesome to watch. I know he brings that same commitment we see as his colleagues into his classroom every day, where, as much as we appreciate James, it is exponentially more impactful. Recently, Amanda and I were chatting about the third and fourth grade cohorts, and she mentioned overhearing a group of third graders saying, "I really hope I'm in Mr. Mohr's class next. He just seems cool." James, they don't know the half of it! We're glad to have you in our Joy fam!

If you’re fortunate enough to visit James’ class, you’ll notice something unique. Each and every time a student responds to a question they stand to speak. This practice has emphasized the importance of student voice and it’s clear James makes students, themselves, feel important. If you swing by James’ room during 4th grade lunch you’ll notice him huddled with a small group of students, sharing food and fellowship. James realizes there is no shortcut to building strong student relationships. He takes the time to grow his practice and lift up his students. It makes sense that his kids stand when they speak - they see their teacher stand up for them every day.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Didier Rodriguez (K); Canaan Parker (3); Anthony Linares-Aguilar (6)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019          
Emanuel Corona Ruiz (5); Alexandra Gonzalez (5)

Friday, May 24, 2019             

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Noah Holloway (1); Christian Gomez Tenahua (2)

Sunday, May 26, 2019
Stacy Martinez (6); Alijah Terry (6)

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Week of May 27
Memorial Day: No School for Students (5/27)
- 3rd-5th Grade Reading EOG (5/29)
- Q4 Grades Due
- Q4 Report Card Translation Requests Due
- 3rd-5th Grade Mathemtics EOG (5/30)
- Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony (5/31)
- 6th-7th Grade Science Final Exam (5/31)
- 8th Grade Science EOG (5/31)

Week of June 3
EOG Make-Ups (6/3)
- 6th-8th Grade Reading EOG (6/4)
- 6th-8th Grade Math EOG (6/5)
- Q4 Report Card Translations Returned (6/6)
- 6th-8th Grade Social Studies Final Exam (6/6)
- 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (6/6)
- Q4 Report Cards Re-Built
- 3rd Grade EOG Re-Take (6/7)
- 5th Grade Science EOG (6/7)
- Q4 Report Cards Go Home

Week of June 10
Field Day (6/10)
- EOG Make-Ups (6/10)
- Q4 Awards Assemblies (6/10)
- EOG Make-Ups (6/11)
- Last Day for Students (6/11)
- Last Day for Staff (6/14)

Shout Outs Title.png
  • Patrick Duffy and Natalie Varkey - I loved coaching with both of you this year.  But taking the girls to our tournament when I was out of town was a huge undertaking - and to the surprise of no one - it went fabulously.  Thanks for being such a big part of a wonderful season.  And thanks to the thoughtful staff members who went easy on the Wally Pipp references.  Extraordinary self-control.  (MS)

  • Jaguars Soccer Team - they played great and won a lot of games, that was awesome.  But I'm prouder of them for handling a situation when every ounce of their sportsmanship was tested by another team.  They played through a delicate situation in a way that far exceeded my expectations for middle school kids.  A delightful group of girls who represented our school incredibly well.  (MS)

  • Katelan Frye - awesome job covering every detail of our Busch Gardens trip.  Not a doubt in my mind it will go great.  Thanks for thinking of everything!  (MS)

  • Shout out to the 6th grade team for planning such a fun EOY trip with thorough expectations to set up a safe day of fun! (SH)

  • Shout out to Megan Beasley for being the best momma in the world -- proud of you. (SH)

  • Shout out to Raymond Melvin for sharing some of your INCREDIBLE art work with us for the event tonight! (SH)

  • Shout out to the Enrichment Team for planning and executing the Spring Arts Showcase. What a gift to experience the creativity and hard work of not only our students, but their families and our coworkers as well! (SH)

  • Shoutout to the Elite Eight. Proud of how well you show up when you're tired. Almost there! (MS)

  • Shoutout to Bela for always be a helpful thought partner and pushing for the best for our students and families. (MS)

  • Ms. Myers for her patience and listening ear. (RG)

  • Mr. Long for a fabulous class reset in performing arts this week. (RG)

  • To Ms. Gaines for her extraordinary help making our performing arts video for the Spring Showcase. (RG)

  • Sarah Humphrey for her tech help, constant encouragement, and all hands support during 5/6 morning transition from performing arts. (RG)

  • Shout-out to Roy Rivas who made me genuinely laugh during story problem today when he suggested (with a mischievous grin) that the remaining scholars who didn't have a seat on the buses should be cut in half and distributed among the full buses! (HL)

  • Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Joy Mama’s! (HK)

  • Shout out to Danielle for organizing volunteers to help hang artwork for the showcase. (HK)

  • Shout out to my 8 grade helpers for putting together student artwork. (HK)

  • Shout out to my enrichment team for everything in the showcase. The event would not take place or be ready without you. (HK)

  • Shout out to Sarah for coming to help before the Showcase. You are such a great help and I appreciate you taking lead. (HK)

  • Shout out to all those who volunteered during the showcase. Students loved seeing you! (HK)

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We Take Advantage of Every Minute.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 5.31.43 PM.png

Several teachers have been taking advantage of time after school to provide tutoring for select scholars. This represents an added responsibility on top of a day filled with instruction and relationship building. How do we give this opportunity to every kid who needs it? How do we keep engagement high? The spy photo to the right shows how it is done. Ms. Reed leverages her strong relationships to build student investment. Even at 4:45 pm, kids are hangining on every word.

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End of Year Trip Joy!