Become involved.

A great way to learn more about your school, get connected with parents and get involved in the process is to join the MJCS Parent-Teacher Organization.

PTO BOARD 2013-2014

Meet Your PTO

Our names are listed below (names listed in left to right order for the picture to the left). Please feel free to contact us at with any questions, concerns or comments.

Vice President:
Dafina Laukam

Ciani Johnson

Stephanie Forbes

Rashad Roberts

Classroom Parent Liaison Representative:
Tahita Royster

What You Do Matters!

Good education isn’t just about teachers and school. What you do as a parent really counts. Parent groups play an important role in building the kind of supportive school environment where both students and teachers can do their best work.

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Promote Scholar Excellence

There have been hundreds of research studies on the effects of parent involvement in schools, and they all show the same thing: When parents get involved in their children’s education, good things happen. Among those include improved grades, test scores and behavior.

Take Your Children Further...

Children with involved parents are more likely to go on to further their education after high school. And when many parents help they build a true school community.

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Let's Work Together As Partners

Talking with your child about school is a simple, but key, first step. Find out about his/her likes & dislikes, what comes easy and what doesn’t, and things that make him/her uncomfortable or stressed. The more specific your questions, the more likely you are to get a real answer.

Communication with the teacher is important too. Let the teacher know about things that may affect your child’s performance: strengths & weaknesses, learning style, study habits, special interest, etc. The teacher is an expert in education, but no one knows more about your child than you. Another thing you can do is attend school events. Your children sees school as an integral part of your family life, and that’s and important connection.